Hostel Rules


  1. The hostel is run under general control of the wardens where prefects are chosen for every Block who will keep a general supervision in maintaining the discipline and cleanliness of the Hostel. They also monitor the class and study hours.
  2. The monthly electricity, water and mess bill shall be paid in full on or before 5th of every month after which a fine of Rs.10.00 per day will be charged.
  3. Mobile phones, cameras, all types of MP3 players are strictly prohibited. If found penalty is imposed. Parents should not give mobile to the student during their visits to the hostel and college.
  4. The inmates of the hostel are not permitted to leave the hostel and go out without the prior approval of the Warden.
  5. The inmates of the hostel must maintain absolute silence and engage themselves in studies in their respective rooms during the study hours.
  6. No inmates of the hostel shall enter or leave the hostel premises after 6.00p.m.
  7. Students will be restricted from the hostel for irregularity in studies, cutting the classes, for KEEPING THE MOBILES OR AN ELECTRIC/ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT. IF FOUND THE SAME MAY BE SEIZED BY THE AUTHORITY AND A FINE OF RS.2,000/- WILL BE CHARGED.
  8. Hostel inmates are not allowed to accommodate or entertain any guest or friends to the hostel.
  9. Inmates of the hostel will be summarily dismissed for their misbehavior from the hostel without any enquiry if she or he is found guilty of misconduct.
  10. Ragging in any form is strictly prohibited.
  11. Cases of illness should immediately be reported to the warden who will make necessary arrangement for medical treatment.
  12. Fee structure for college and hostel is likely to change every year.
  13. Any inmates of the hostel is found wasting water or electricity, will be penalized severely.
  14. The hostel inmates are strictly prohibited from associating themselves in any manner with any group which is not connected with the college.
  15. Out pass will be provided to all the inmates, where entry should be maintained properly, for their movement in and out of the hostel.
  16. Fees once paid will not be refunded on any ground.
  17. Approximate One year Mess bill can be paid in advance.
  18. Visitors are allowed only on Sunday afternoon, after 12.30 p.m.
  19. Basic necessities like cot, cupboard, study table and chair will be provided for each student . All the inmates should take care of it, and they will be held responsible for damage if any.
  20. The Hostel students are required to see that no damages are done to any materials or property of the Hostel.

            In case of any damages to the materials inside or outside the room, the concerned students staying in that room are liable to bear the expenses.

  1. Visiting Time limit within hostel premises is 30 minutes. Time limit for taking the inmates outside is two hours.
  2. During visiting time cell phones of the visiotrs should be kept in silent mode. Visitors should not use the mobile inside the hostel.
  3. Parents are not allowed to enter into student’s room.
  4. Parents can visit their child once in a month by seeking prior permission from warden. Students are not allowed to meet any relatives without the prior permission of their parents and the warden.
  5. Non-veg should not be brought inside the hostel premises.
  6. Keeping the vehicle in the hostel is not permitted.
  7. The management is not responsible for your valuable things.
  8. Food will be served in the mess hall. Food should not be carried to the rooms. Students should not waste the food. If found Rs.100/- fine will be charged.
  9. Hostel inmates are strictly informed to obey Warden’s order. In case of any misbehaviour, the principal has full authority to dismiss the student from the hostel.
  10. Parents are not allowed to visit the students during exam time.
  11. Students will be sent to home only during long term vacation. It has been noticed that students during their stay at home misuse mobile and internet. So parents/guardians are asked to monitor their wards in such cases.
  12. There is no permission given to any student for absenteeism. In case of extreme situations like hospitalization, proper evidences like blood test report, Doctor’s prescription, medicine purchase bill, Hospital discharge summary must be produced before attending the classes. In case of absenteeism, the students can attend the classes, only when they come with their parent or guardian (authorized by parent), meet our principal and then take permission in form of writing.
  13. Dress code is strictly observed at Amratha Bharathi

For girls: *Chudidar with duppatta is compulsory (jeans & short tops are not allowed)

For boys: *Should not wear any bangles/bracelets/Bands/ear rings of any kind. Pants should be above the waist level with black or brown belts only.

  1. Parents must be in constant touch with the touch with the Lecturers and Warden regarding study and behaviour of the students.
  2. The hostel authorities reserve the right to add alter or amend any of these rules, frame such other appropriate rules from time to time.
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