Hostel Timings

Hostel timing is as shown below.


5:00 ——————-Wake up

5:00- 5:45 ————Fresh up

5:45- 6:00————-Prayer

6:00- 8:25————-Study Hour

8:25- 8:50————–Breakfast

At sharp 9, college timings will be followed by the students till 4:30



4:30- 5:30 ————–To complete their daily work

5:30- 6:00—————Snacks and prayer

6:00- 8:30 ————–Study Hour

8:30- 9:00—————Dinner

9:00- 9:20—————Leisure

9:20- 10.20————–Study Hour

10:20———————to bed


Study hours will be watched by the respective wardens as well as some of the staffs.

Student will be given 10 minutes to talk to his/her parent in a week. The calling time and day is assigned by Warden.

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