Rules and Regulations

We aim to produce a generation that thinks education is not merely a means for livelihood but a way to enhance the quality of life. We want to build the institution as vast family where the Trust and the governing council members, staff, parents and students feel that they are engaged in the service of the nation being the members of this great family.

The end product of our institution is a complete man with all the human qualities and intellectual superiority. We wish to make each and every student of our college feel that he is an Indian and to be proud of it.

Our college is purely based on the nationalism which clearly gives a message Nation First…

In addition to make our ideology successful we put the following rules on students.

  1. ID card will be provided to each student with his / her Name, Photo, Address printed on
    it. All the students should wear their ID Cards while they are in the campus and in the bus.
  2. Dress Code : All the students in the campus should be neatly dressed in Uniform of the college – on all days including during all Examinations.
  3. Students are expected to come with a clean shave and neatly combed hair to the college.
  4. Use of cell phones, cameras, i Pods, MP3 Players or any other electronic gadgets in the buses and
    college premises is strictly not allowed.
  5. Any damage to the property of the college – identified students / whole class / batch will be given
  6. College working days are from Monday to Saturday excluding special classes.
    General Timings – 9:00 am to 4:30 pm.
  7. Our college buses cover some areas nearby Hebri so students staying near the college bus must follow the timings of the buses.
  8. Attendance must be managed by the students according to the Board rules.
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